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Fee is paid monthly in advance,every first week of the month by cash or check. 

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How are the fees paid?

We assess learner's understanding regularly and report is prepared. That report is available to parents end of every lesson and students takes it with him/her home. 

So parents can monitor their progress every day. 

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How do we know about child's progress?

No, the learner dose not has to follow any group targets. All targets are tailored to a particular learner needs. We move with the learner's pace of learning. They have no fear to be left behind or pulled backwards to meet other learners pace. 

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Do I have to follow group targets?
What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?

Every session is two hours.

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Yes you can review previous learning and if there is any misconception or misunderstanding, we can redo it at any stage. 

Can I review my previous learning?

Yes all of the learners get homework and it is marked by the tutor in the next lesson.

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Do students get homework?
We are proud to announce GCSE Results  87 % Pass
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