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GCSE courses in the UK are set by different ‘exam boards’. To make learning mor challenging, every exam board tests students on a slightly different set of topics.

The four most popular exam boards are AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC. We provide GCSE Maths English and Science tuition, perfectly match to all exam boards courses. our gcse courses contain everything you need to know... and nothing you don’t. Bright Future provides support for all Levels (grades 9-1).

Some schools offer International GCSE (IGCSE) Maths/English courses — these international qualifications are sometimes known as ‘Level 1 / Level 2 Certificates’ in the UK. If you’re taking IGCSE Maths/English we do provide tuition that covers the Edexcel and Cambridge (CIE) requirements .

If you’re not sure about your exam board , your teacher will be able to tell you. (If you are still  unsure, we also have ‘general’ books that cover all the major topics of GCSE courses.)

From September 2012, all GCSE courses are ‘Linear’ — this  means that all the exams are taken at the end of Year 11. But... schools can still choose to teach the structure from the old ‘Modular’ courses, but with the exams set at the end of the course rather than spread out over two years. All the products in our GCSE Maths range cover both the ‘Linear’ and ‘Modular’ modular options.

Bright Future's 11 Plus programm is completely focused on providing the best possible exam preparation, with superb resources for the tests set by CEM.  

The 11 Plus tests set by CEM (Durham University) require different as well as more challenging skills from those tested by GL. Bright Future provides tailored preparation for the CEM tests, covering Verbal Reasoning & Comprehension, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Maths.


Tuition Sessions -


11+ Tuition is provided in two hour sessions. These sessions can be very conveniently chosen from range of weekdays evenings and/or weekend. 

GCSE Exam Preparation

SATs Exam Preparation

Bright future's SATs (1, 2, 3) tailored courses meet every  individual's requirements to ensure that they are fully equipped for their examinations in May. There will be greater focus on specific topics that your child struggles with, time management and examination technique closer to the examination dates.


SATs preparation can start at any time of the year, however, it is advisable that you leave it no later than eight weeks before the examinations to see the real difference. 


Bright Future ensures that each child understands how to tackle and recognize the type of questions set for SATs. We provide tuition for Literacy, Numeracy and Science in groups of no more than five with set  targets for every pupil. Along with group sessions, Bright future also offers one to one tutoring sessions. 


Grammar School Entry Exam Preparation (11+)
We are proud to announce GCSE Results  87 % Pass
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