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Student Comments
Parent Comments

Bright Future has been really helpful. Before I came here I was predicted D's and Cs. However, with the help of the teachers in this tuition, I was able to get an A in Maths and A* in English. The tuition has a really good system that made me able to learn so much.

I am really thankful to the teachers as if it wasn't them, I would have not achieved the grades I wanted.

Yanma Ahmed,

Baylish Court School.


This tuition is really good because when I started my predicted grades were Cs now I have A in maths and B in science.

Moneeb Khan

Wexham School

My experience at Bright Future has been excellent. The tutors here are supporting, helpful and experienced. During my time here, I have been able to excel and improve on my English and Maths skills and this has helped me a lot. 

Urire Egih



Bright Future helped me to practice everything in Maths that I thought was difficult. Because of the smaller sized classes each student gets more help than they would at school which is very beneficial. I enjoyed going to Bright Future as it was not boring like school and it helped me understand all aspects of Maths. I would recommend it even if you are predicted an  “A*”.

Georgia Connor:        St. Bernards Catholic Grammar School


Bright Future is a very good tuition which helped me to move from “F” to “C” in 4 months time. I really enjoy going to Bright Future because you learn a lot and if you don’t believe it, try it and see the difference.

Sher Yar:                     Slough & Eton


I joined Bright Future when I was in the beginning of your 11 and my grades were really bad. Since I joined Bright future I improved very fast. I used to get “Es” and “Fs” in every subject, but after just 7 months I got “As” and “Bs “in my mocks.

Farhan Khalid:                       Slough & Eton


Bright Future is an excellent tuition academy. Even though I was predicted a “B”, the teachers helped me to push my prediction and expectation to an “A”. They also helped my sister. I am very thankful to everyone. The small groups helped us a lot. It was very comfortable and an easy  place to learn.

Hamza Khan:                         The Westgate School


I have been coming to Bright Future for last one and half years. When I joined, I didn’t even know how to speak English because I was new to this country. My predicted grad for English was G and for Maths was F, but now for English its “C” and for Maths its “A”. 

I consider Bright Tuition processes, procedures and policies with regards to safeguarding of children as efficient and professional has possible and have been communicated this when first starting.  As a parent this communication gives me confidence that my children will be in safe hands and bright tuition annually update the parents and continue to work with the parents to establish its own position with regards to safeguarding children and has the necessary assurance that it is meeting its statutory requirements and is following good practice.  I am fully confident that Bright Tuition is following this.

Having researched thoroughly all my options for learning for my children, bright tuition for me was the best option and now having experienced Bright Tuition first hand, I can highly recommend learning ethos.  My children when starting out with bright tuition being average academically and slightly on the weaker side I anticipated encountering some balancing issues but with the combination of the calm environment the availability and selection of high caliber tutors, and relaxed and encouraging instructional style, my children have improved immensely and coherently to higher levels.  Overall, a brilliant experience for my children and an excellent environment for academic improvements.

With Bright Future's proven method of teaching and individually tailored learning program, Bright Future tutors are supporting every student to reaches its full potential.

Positive parent-school communications benefit parents. The manner in which Bright Future communicates and interacts with parents affects the extent and quality of parents' home involvement with their children's learning. For example, tutors that communicate bad news about student performance more often than recognizing students' excellence will discourage parent involvement by making parents feel they cannot effectively help their children.

We as parents have benefited from being involved in their children's education by getting ideas from Bright Tuition on how to help and support their children, and by learning more about Bright Tuition's program and how it works. Perhaps most important, parents benefit by becoming more confident about the value of their tutors involvement. Parents develop a greater appreciation for the important role they play in their children's education. 
My feedback for Bright Tuition has been nothing short of excellent, it's been a savior for my ailing children and we have benefited from their professional and structured approach.


Dr Azim Dad



I as a parent am very happy with the outstanding performance that my daughter has made in last couple of years she has been at Bright Future academy. She feels very safe and secure and enjoys going to her lessons. The environment in that they work in is of a good standard. 


Parent of Eisha



Overall I think Bright Future Tuition is a great. My children have progressed so much in their education due to it. There is excellent homework and class work monitoring and also great communication between the teachers and parents. When sending my child there I feel complete safety and they are in a safe and comforting environment. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Farah Khan



Bright Future provides a safe and secure environment for our children to learn and further improve their rounder education. We have noticed they have both improved in their studies, improved their concentration and are more confident with their school work.

The lessons and time that they are taught is right and they seem very interested in their lessons. They do not get bored and they say it is a relaxed and fun environment for studying and learning.

We also feel that we can approach you anytime for guidance and getting views about their progress. The work is also checked by tutor to a very good standard and tutor reinforces this by giving them a quick test. I also value the friendly approach that you have with us and you always make time for us.

All in all we are very happy with the learning and study environment, and we have also recommended bright future to our friends.





Hi just a short message saying thank you! 

Bright Future is a professional as well as a very friendly institution, where my children feel safe and enjoy their time studying to the fullest. Teachers are giving attention individually to all my children, which encourages them and makes them feel enthusiastic about learning.

Comparing BF with my children's previous tuition centre, the guy was just there to earn money by not focusing on my children and giving them homework, which led them to bad result at school. 
Yes I would recommend BF to anyone looking for a perfect and bright future for their children. 




I would like to thank you for the efforts done by Bright Future Academy towards the academic and emotional progress of my children.

Both Kashan and Kanzah have shown improvement in their studies and this has also been acknowledged by their schools. I am also satisfied with the learning material based on the levels/grades assessed for both Kashan and Kanzah. I am sure that with the strong parent - teacher relationship built by us there will be continuous improvement especially towards Kanzah. I am also sure that Kashan will be more confident in his GCSE subjects as he is gradually approaching his final exams.





The Bright Future environment and safeguarding are very good for the children  their learning goal are  excelling, teachers are friendly and supportive. The relationship with parents is excellent, they listen, understand and act. I am very happy about the further the way they teach children, my child have moved up her level at school. Thank you Bright Future 

Muhammad's Mum 



Dear Mr Rashed


Our Sons Eisah and Dauood have been attending bright future for over a year now. I must say that the extra 1:1 tuition in maths and English has contributed vastly towards their academic education and they are excelling. We have never had a day when our Sons have never wanted to go to bright Future tuition. The Environment is safe, controlled and encouraging. We have seen an improvement in a setting for which our children are growing in confidence.  


Bright Future has been recommended to other family members children too.

Keep up the great work

Khurram Saba



We are proud to announce GCSE Results  87 % Pass
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